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I'm Heather. I have experienced more than 2 decades of chronic, debilitating pain and increasingly problematic functional limitations. I have lived a lifetime with significant difficulty sitting, standing, lying down, and engaging in the types and levels of physical activities that interest me. These limitations have impacted my basic human functions such as being able to sleep, stand in line, and sit down to work on a computer and to drive.  

Common practices that everyone has heard of have kept me going in between appointments but really, my life was about making it until the next appointment.


I have found the combination of Clinical Somatic Exercise and postural rehabilitation to be the solution to my chronic pain. The result has been life-changing. The improvement in my pain levels and functional limitations have been significant and ongoing.


My goal is to help others who may have resigned themselves to a life where pain and limitation play into every choice they make to do or not do something. I know how chronic pain impacts you besides just the pain you feel at the body site.


No one has more power to heal your body than you do, and I can show you how.

  I look forward to teaching you how to use the methods of Clinical Somatic Exercise and posture rehabilitation so that you have the power to heal from your pain and live a more functional life.



Other notable bits about me

  • Certified Clinical Somatic Exercise Instructor

  • Certified Postural Alignment Specialist

  • Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling

  • Extensive professional and academic background in multi-population disability issues

  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

  • I have a real interest in helping you

About Me

Certified Clinical Somatic Exercise Instructor
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