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Personal Training for pain relief

What is This?

This is pain relief.

Clinical somatic exercise can help you sit, stand, and walk more comfortably. If that sounds like your bucket list, we're a match!  Through somatic exercise, you can learn to dissolve your ever-threatening muscle spasms, unlock the muscles that are holding your shoulder blades prisoner, and reduce cumulative wear-and-tear on your joints which often results in disability later in life.


Understanding what this is starts with understanding what this isn't.

This isn't yoga, Pilates, stretching, or traditional gym workouts. This is "exercise" for people who can't do those things easily or at that they can.


Clinical somatic exercise resets your muscle tension baseline so your joints and bones are not being pulled out of alignment; and it retrains your actual mind-body connection so that you have better awareness of and control over the muscles you need to function throughout your life.


The Somatic Salvage Yard is where you can salvage the treasure among the destruction and start building your life back.

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