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Who will find this useful?

Clinical Somatic Exercise and posture therapy can help everyone.

This is because the way we use our bodies creates dysfunction. 

Hispanic woman Medical Assistant Nurse

Work on your feet much?

The work we do can keep our attention off of ourselves while dysfunction accumulates in the body day after day and year after year. 

Portrait at Work

Lots of bending and contorting?

Using your body in unnatural, forced positions frequently or for long periods can cause an imbalance in your musculature. 

Plumber at Work
Dancing Legs

Knee issues keeping you from your passions?

There are many causes for debilitating pain that can prevent you from pursuing your passions. It may be your sport or it may be some little thing you do every day such as how you sit, stand, or walk. In every case, it is how you utilize your body.

Neck of Senior Woman

Have a lifetime of stories to tell?

Is it getting harder to turn your head to check for traffic before changing lanes? Can you still lift both of your arms above your head? Has the hitch in your giddy-up developed into a full-blown limp? Somatic exercise can help with these functional limitations.

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